Lance Storz opened fire on police officers

Here we hear news of Lance Storz, who had opened fire on police, but it is still unknown whether he had done it intentionally or by mistake, but there is less chance of it by mistake. Everyone assumes he is here and has done this thing with a mission, so he has been taken under Custody. 

How can people hurt police officers? What will they get by hurting them and taking their life? One of the police officers and one dog were killed in this incident. This isn’t kind because they are humans and have life and family.

Losses of three officers and a hard day for everyone:-

On Saturday, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said that this is another hard day for everyone, including us, as we have to mourn the loss of three brave people and a K-9 who had given their lives to save others’ lives and protect the people of Floyd County. 

He added that Britain and I had asked the commonwealth to join all of us to pray for the loved ones and family of Officer Jacob Chaffins, Deputy William Petry, and Captain Ralph Frasure. He said let us stand together to honor them and pray for injured ones.

Know about details of the incident:-

The citation said Lance used a rifle to fire multiple shots at the officers near his residence on Main Street in Allen, Kentucky. Then he further informed that these officials reacted and called someone for backup when shots started to target them and fire, continuing for a very long time. 

After a while, state police reached there at 6:30 pm and joined local officers. They said they would investigate the shooting. Let us pray for the officers who are all injured.

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