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Barbara Joan Estelle Amiel, also known as The Peeress Black, is a British writer, columnist, and socialite who speaks up for the blacks’ entitlement. She is the former wife of Conrad Black, a Canadian publisher, writer, and businessman.

Barbara was born to a Jewish family in England, but she later immigrated to Ontario with her mother when she remarried after the divorce of her parents. Barbara took a degree in Philosophy and English from the University of Toronto. In 1962, she served as a delegate to the Soviet organization, an event for the elective government, standing up against antagonism and battles. 

She first worked in Maclean’s magazine as a senior writer, editor, and columnist. Later she became the first woman editor of the Toronto Sun. From being a girl whose family faced unemployment and difficulties in her early days to becoming a successful writer and the first female editor in the Toronto Sun, she struggled through the obstacles.

Regarding the illness of Barbara Amiel:

Barbara Amiel had to face a smarting illness, dermatomyositis, which causes muscle inflammation and skin rashes. Because of the illness, she had to go to the hospital for treatments and stay there for a few days if necessary. She said the disease caused severe skin irritation and also affected her respiratory and cardiovascular systems. 

She also had to experience a grievous disease, lupus, an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system attacks its tissues. Let’s hope for the good health of the valiant Amiel.  

Regarding the personal life of Barbara Amiel:

Barbara Amiel has been married four times and is currently living with her fourth husband, Conrad Black, and they are also called “London’s most glamorous power couple.” 

Conrad Black was sent to 6 and half years of imprisonment in 2007. Amiel could not restrain herself during the trial and showed dishonor and exasperation to the women journalists there. After the long era of imprisonment, Black was shown mercy and was forgiven by the American Government. Conrad and Barbara are living a pleasant married life until now, and we hope for their happiness in the coming years. 

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