Who are Jesse Klee and Jacqueline Herre, the couple suspected of killing a person at Lake Worth Beach

Earlier this week, two people were detained by police in concern of footage of Lake Price Seashore. When the police arrived on the scene, they discovered a dead body. Detectives from The Violent Crime division are now investigating the crime.

Who are Jesse Klee and Jacqueline Herre?

Jesse Klee is a 30 years old man, and Jacqueline is a 26 years old woman. They are Boca Raton natives and have been detained at Palm Beach County Jail. Jesse also has a previous history of charges and is additionally charged with theft and possession of a weapon.

After midnight on Tuesday, a man was shot dead in a place close to SN street and 10th avenue south. Some sources suggest that Jacqueline was heavily intoxicated with narcotics when she was arrested.

Although the police do not verify these speculations. The Instagram handle of Jacqueline has also been identified; she goes by the username ‘jacqueen665.9’ and has 387 followers. 

Many people reacted to this incident by sharing their views on Facebook; people were quick to highlight the need for strict gun laws in the US; a lot of incidents of gun violence have occurred recently, with the number of victims increasing every time.

 Are Jesse and Jacqueline arrested?

Both Jesse and Jacqueline have been arrested as significant suspects in homicide.

Jacqueline was arrested Thursday morning from her residence at Boca Chase subdivision in the 10000 block of Lakeaire circle of West Boca Raton.

According to an announcement made by the spokesperson of Palm Seashore County Sheriff’s works place on Thursday, Jesse and Jacqueline were arrested on the charges of first-degree homicide. The police have provided no information about the deceased. 

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