Who is Camilo Palacio? Victim of second fatal shooting

In London, we continuously hear the news of the death of many people, especially in the youth category, due to shootings. Criminals and people with some aim or goal to kill people kill them, and most of the time, the police are not able to catch them or find out who is behind all this shooting drama. 

Still, they are trying their best to show some trust in them, but what about the families of the victims who were killed recently in the shooting? His name is Camilo Palacio. He died under 30 minutes after the shooting.

Details of the incident and investigation related to it:-

There were two men, and the second man had been killed because of a gunshot wound in his chest. The shooting had been done by someone still not caught by the police and officials, and he had been shot in a separate shooting within 24 hours in London. 

His age is 23, and on High Road, Wood Green, he suffered a significant injury from a gunshot on Sunday. The time was approximately 9:30. The police immediately provided the first aid service, after whichLondon’ss Air Ambulance and paramedics arrived, but he died in under 30 minutes.

Words of the Chief Inspector Perry Benton:-

This all thing is very horrible for everybody who is there so Chief Inspector Perry Benton said that we are investigating, and the officer’s priority is to search for someone who can give some information about the incident. 

They are trying to detect the person who had killed Camilo. He further showed his grief that a young person’s life had ended due to the shooting, and now his family is very heartbroken, so they need to take action to search for the person who killed the young man.

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