Who is Louis James Edwards? The “most sought cocaine lord in Britain” is detained in Benidorm during a police raid on his hotel

After a Spanish police operation, a British drug kingpin who was considered one of the UK’s most wanted individuals was captured in Benidorm. Agents from the Civil Guard detained suspect Louis James Edwards, 44, on June 21 at a hotel in Benidorm.

About the investigation:

The inquiry focused on a hotel in Benidorm (Alicante), where L. J. E. was found and jailed, following intensive monitoring of this family group. In the province of Alicante, it was discovered that the same person had already been detained three times under different identities—none of them real—the first two in that province and the third in Barcelona. He continued: “The rapid collaboration between the Dutch police and the Civil Guard made it possible to locate this person.

After conducting a thorough investigation into the fugitive’s criminal environment, it was discovered that he was already using a fourth false identity. On June 22, shortly after arriving from Barcelona, he was found and arrested in the Alicante municipality of L’Alfas del Pi. The Guardia Civil made no mention of the men’s potential extradition to the UK or the Netherlands or the number of years they could spend behind bars if found guilty.

About the arrest:

A day later, in a second operation, Cornelis Korfet, a 35-year-old Dutch citizen, was detained close to L’Alfàs del Pi. Korfet, who has a shaved head, is shown attempting to flee while having breakfast with pals in an official video of his detention. In a second video, two officers wearing shorts and a T-shirt can be seen leading Edwards barefoot across a Benidorm square. He was handcuffed when he arrived at the police station, where they later discovered some athletic shoes and showed him to a cell. One of Crimestoppers’ Most Wanted Criminals is Edwards. He is thought to have been the boss of a criminal organisation that trafficked cocaine all over the south of England. Korfet is sought by Dutch authorities for attempted murder after they claim he shot two people in retaliation during a gang conflict and gravely injured them.

A statement released by the Guardia Civil:

According to a statement from the Civil Guard, “the track followed by the agents took them to the province of Alicante, where they had important indications of the fugitive’s presence, further reinforced by knowledge of the impending transfer of the fugitive’s relatives to that province,” despite the fact that the initial search for the individual was launched in the province of Malaga (National Crime Agency).

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