Why did Kayla and Tobi split? Kayla Itsines, an Australian health influencer, is in love.

Kayla made the Announcement about her engagement. However, when did the couple call it to quit. netizens are confused over it. the couple seems so much in love what has happened to their love all of sudden?

She released a significant update with her Fourteen million subscribers that caught us all off guard. In an Instagram post, she disclosed that her beau, Jae Woodroffe, recently proposed to her and she blushed and accepted his proposal.

Considering that the couple is engaged now, the revelation comes as a surprise. Kayla presented her new partner on media platforms for the first time. She identified her now-fiancé as her “closest buddy for ages and already, companion” in a caption. “Thank you to everyone who commented on my tales stating, ‘you look extremely happy,'” Kayla stated.

She is getting divorced from her husband Tobi which is shocking as she seemed to be in love with the father of her child.

 her new partner Woodroffe immediately revealed the joyous news through social media, with the tag line:

“You know when you know.” with a photo of them in which she is showing her ring.

Kayla was recently involved with Tobi and perhaps lived with each other in their hometown of Adelaide, South Australia, for 8 years. They had been married for many years and were great business companions. Kayla and Tobi gave birth to a daughter in 2019. Unfortunately, things got out of hand for the pair after the arrival of their daughter, Arna.

“After eight years together, Kayla and I have come to the tough decision to part as a couple,” the couple said in a statement issued uploaded to their social media pages.

“We shall always be family,” said the message. However couple did not indicate why they split, Kayla and Tobi insist that their separation was mutual because they’re still “excellent friends and committed parents” 

The couple stated that the love they used to share is gone. it was nothing left in their married life except they were incredible business partners.

The pair praised followers for their “love and support” at the conclusion of their post.

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