How to Miu Chu Die? What happened to Miu Chu?

A popular singer from Taiwan, Miu Chu, loses her battle of life to cancer.

Taiwanese musician Miu Chu passed away from cancer on Sunday, July 3, aged 40. Chu’s parents announced on her social media page at 7:31 p.m. on July 4 that the artist “left us painlessly on July 3.” 

The family claimed that the specifics of the funeral mass would be announced shortly. As per ETtoday, Chu died due to breast cancer, something she had been combating for over two years. 

Whole story surrounding Chu’s cancer diagnosis-

Chu revealed at the beginning of 2021 that she was tested for the disease in 2020. After she confirmed her serious illness, the musician stated that she was receiving therapy and that her prognosis was steady. 

She vanished from the public spotlight in the year, with her final Facebook post on April 23, where she notified her fans that April 21 was marked Acute Myeloid Leukemia Consciousness Day. Chu rose to prominence in 2009 after winning the Taiwanese reality TV talent program “Super Idol 3.” She achieved numerous other honors and released three records.

Singer’s accomplishments and reminiscences left with loved ones-

Her opening theme, “Ten Million Times Tears,” was featured in the Taiwanese pop idol miniseries “Love Around,” which aired on the SET TV channel in 2013. Her second big hit, “Power Of Existence,” had also been utilized as the title track for the South Korean television drama “Wild Romance” in 2012.

After hearing of her death, others who loved her, namely Tainan Mayor Huang Wei-Che and Taiwanese TV talk show star Li Jing, extended their sympathies on Monday. Chu had previously performed at the Tainan Summer Music Event.

“Thank you, Miu. There is no more pain in heaven. Wish you a good journey,” Huang said on his Facebook page.

Furthermore, Li resorted to media platforms to communicate her grief at her friend’s death. “My baby Miu, tears cannot stop coming down. You are a sunshine angel and we all love you,” she said.

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