Lost our precious gem Chris Darnell at an air show in Michigan

The amazing pilot and driver of the Flash Fire Jet Truck and Shockwave Jet Truck, Chris Darnell, aged 40, a member of the family-run Darnell Racing Enterprises show team, died on Saturday after his vehicle had mechanical failures. 

Chris was an experienced and fantabulous motorsports promotion businessman and had, down the years, polished his skills in drag racing.

A little glance at his successful life-

Starting from graduation, he achieved a Degree in marketing, promotions, and advertising from one of the universities in his hometown Michigan. After owning the degree, he owned a Truck. 

He was in partnership with his Dad Neal in the driving duties in both Flash Fire and Shockwave Truck. From the starting itself, Chris was so into motorsports. He is also well trained in the motorsport promotion business. He had expertise in various kinds of racing over the years. 

Looking at his skills and specializations, it feels depressing and heartrending that we again lost a superhero in our lives. He had a family, too, including one wife named Brooke Darnell and two daughters named Reese and Taylor.

About the accident-

The whole game was about the high speed of the truck. The driver was killed during the high-speed accident at an air show and Balloon Festival in Michigan. 

The Shockwave Jet Truck was looking toward the two planes when this breathtaking incident occurred. He was driving the Shockwave Jet Truck down a runway for more than 300 miles per hour. With the deploying parachute, the vehicle turned into flames and exploded. 

Just before the accident, the Shockwave disgorged pyrotechnic flames from the exhaust pipes (part of the Shockwave Jet Truck). The Jet Truck owned and driven by Darnell is the company’s “World’s fastest semi,” having a record speed of 376 miles per hour. 

As per the officials, Neal Darnell wrote, “We are so sad .” Just one month ago, Chris turned 40. He was so well-loved by everyone who knew him. Chris so loved the Air Show business. He was ‘Living the Dream’ as he said,” before the tragic and life-changing incident.

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