Road Rage killer Kenny Noye is seen driving a brand-new luxury black Mercedes.

Kenny Noye, notorious as a double killer, has been seen driving a brand-new black Mercedes GLC 220D despite having a modest lifestyle and no income source other than a pension.

Noye, 75, spent 21 years in jail for the M23 murder of Stephen Cameron. He is also convicted of the murder of an undercover police officer; a former gangster stabbed the police officer to death.

He was also jailed for 14 years and fined 500,000 euros for handling gold bullion snatched in the 26 million euros. Most of the gold was never recovered, although 11 bullion bars were found at his residence.

Analysis of his finances-

His finances remain a mystery, and it is not known how he manages his lifestyle. A pensioner in the UK who has made 30 years of National Insurance contribution receives a pension of up to 185.15 euros. 

But it is unknown if he had paid national insurance for that long since he spent many years behind bars. Although he is entitled to receive 75 euros provided by the government to jailbirds to sustain their life after coming out of jail.

Speeding ticket-

Noye was caught speeding 47mph on his VW Tiguan in a 40mph zone in the last week, after which he was given a choice either to have 3 points on his license or take a speed awareness course.

Noye chose to take the course where he was taught about the dangers of road rage in one of the subjects. This incident was before he was seen with his new Mercedes.

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