Retired doctor Isyaka Mamman admits killing a patient in a bungled biopsy

The mother of three named, Shahida Parveen, 48, was killed after doctor Isyaka Mamman performed a hazardous procedure on her while her husband begged him to stop.

He botched a routine biopsy that led to the death of Shahida and had previously left a patient permanently disabled. Dr. Isyaka Mamman, 81, had already got his license suspended once when he was caught lying about his age and has also been held responsible for a series of bungled procedures. He will be punished on Tuesday after pleading guilty to gross negligence.

What happened?

Shahida went to the hospital to investigate a possible blood condition and was advised of a bone marrow biopsy. The procedure was to be done by my DR Isyaka, who was then working as a hematology specialist.

The bone marrow samples were to be taken from the hip bone, but Dr. Isyaka failed to extract them in his first attempt, after which he decided to use a hazardous way of extracting bone marrow from the sternum.

Shahida and her husband protested against using this method, but Dr. Isyaka assured them that he had 40 years of experience. Dr. Isyaka also used the wrong biopsy needle and missed the bone, piercing the pericardium, the sac which holds their heart, Shahida causing massive internal bleeding and ultimately her death.

The birth date scam-

Dr. Isyaka also gave a birth date to the NHS, which was different from the birthdate he used during his training days. When he approached his retirement age, i.e., 65 years, he again tried to change his birth date, shifting it too much later. 

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