Who is Alisha Grauso? Journalist gets raped and death threats after her tweet went viral.

Ever since the supreme court of the United States overturned the Roe vs Wade verdict, women have seen harsh criticism of the judgment, especially by women.

Amidst all this, things took a bad turn for journalist Alisha Grauso who, like many others, expressed her disappointment after the verdict.

Who is Alisha Grauso? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

She is the feature editor for a popular entertainment news website, Screenrant. She is also a well-known writer in the entertainment industry and has written various projects about movies and Tv-shows.

She got her Bachelor of Arts degree from the Indiana University of Penn and her master’s degree in English Literature from The University of Dallas.

She has been the Feature Editor at Screen Rant since December 2020 and has worked for Movie Pilot, The LGBT Foundation, Forbes, Marvel, etc.

What was in the tweet which stirred these problems?

In the context of the recent verdict passed by the U.S. supreme court on Abortion Rights, Alisha tweeted, asking other Americans if they were ready to celebrate Independence Day this year when their country is moving backwards.

FOX news posted her tweet, and even after 36 hours, according to Alisha, she is still getting death and rape threats.

She blamed FOX news for blowing up her tweet online to stir up an unstable base, which was ‘metaphorical’ and not ‘literal’. She also claimed that FOX news used her tweet to cater to its base.

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