Who was Elvira Demidova? A mother of two and a TikTok star were both killed in a freak crane accident.

Elvira Demidova, a popular TikTok celebrity who also worked as a crane operator, unfortunately, lost her life in a crane accident. The woman, who was 31 years old, is survived by her children, both of whom will have their maternal grandma to care for them.

How did the TikToker Elvira Demidova die?

Elvira Demidova was loading concrete with the assistance of a crane in Tymen, which is an oil hub in Siberia, Russia. The crane at the building site was reportedly moved all over the place by a strong gust of wind. The woman was a mother of two children when the crane tipped over and fell to the ground, where she was instantly killed. A horrifying video of the event was captured on camera and published online by a Russian news organization. In the footage, Demidova was seen utilizing the crane in order to load the concrete. A powerful blast of wind caused the crane to become unbalanced and crash to the ground. It was hurled all the way across the construction site before it was allowed to fall to the earth. The cabin of the crane fell from a height of 40 feet to the earth, and Demidova was killed as soon as she hit the ground.

Who was Elvira Demidova? (Wiki, Age, Bio)

Elvira Demidova was a woman who worked as a crane operator in Russia. She was also the mother of two children, a son, and a daughter. Because she was so open and honest with her TikTok followers about her life and work as a crane operator, Demidova amassed a following of over 41,000 people.

According to her spouse, Oleg Demidov, she was the most incredible woman on the entire planet. I don’t know anyone who would speak ill of her, and I don’t know anyone who does. He continued by saying that he needed some time to “get over the shock.” Her husband referred to her as friendly, compassionate, kind, and sympathetic when describing her qualities. After the untimely passing of Demidova, an online fundraising effort was launched in order to assist in covering the costs associated with the burial of the deceased mother. Additionally, the goal of the crowdfunding campaign was to assist in caring for her children, who were now living with their biological mother.

Mostostory-11 was the name of the company where the late TikTok star and crane operator Demidova worked before she passed away. Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, presented Nikolay Russu, the General Director of the company, with an award in recognition of his contributions to the construction of the bridge that connects China and Russia. The unfortunate death of Demidova prompted the authorities to open a criminal investigation into the circumstances surrounding her passing. The Russian Investigative Committee opened an investigation into the matter in accordance with article 216 of Russia’s Criminal Code (violation of safety rules when carrying out construction or other work, resulting in death by negligence).

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